Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale is an unfiltered, cloudy pale ale with a slight citrus aroma. The perfect farmhouse ale to accompany a variety of meals, or for just sitting back to relax.

What does it mean to be man’s best friend?

It means we’re always there when you need us.
It means that on Sunday,
when you have two things on your mind:
Where to sit and what to watch.
We’ll be right there with you.

Lazy Mutt. Man’s best friend.


Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale is a tribute by the Minhas Craft Brewery, the second oldest brewery in the US, to American and Canadian losses in Flanders during World War 1, brewed in the style of Belgian saisonnier farmhouse beers.

It’s a type of ale brewed for centuries in Flanders, as a refreshing and revitalising drink for the farm hands who worked the fields.

Lazy Mutt is a cloudy pale wheat ale brewed to 5% ABV that contains a hint of citrus, expertly crafted to be a truly refreshing beer. Brewed successfully since 2007, it’s earned accolades across the board, including a Bronze Medal in the 2008 World Beer Championships.

Relatively unknown in the UK at the moment, but this is about to change, Lazy Mutt is the best friend you haven’t met yet.


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